Weekends in Pune!

It’s no secret that there are umpteen overnight and day weekend getaways in and around Pune. After an especially happening Saturday night, we woke up hungover on Sunday, but with enough energy to quickly decide to head off to Sinhagad Fort, to close the weekend successfully. A rental car was booked, biscuits and water was packed, sports shoes were worn – we were gung-ho about the day! It would take us some 3 odd hours to reach our destination as per Google Maps – we put on some good music and headed out to the hills.

Nearing our destination, we got caught up in a huge traffic jam on the winding hilly roads – seems like half of Pune had the good thought of heading to Sinhagad just like we did. Never mind – we had some bhuttas (roasted corn cobs) to lift up our spirits.

Bhuttas in monsoons.. Soul food!

Finally we were able to reach the hilltop parking lot, but our tummies – apparently not satisfied enough by the Bhuttas – demanded lunch right away. We found a tiny dhaba and ordered veg meals for everyone, along with their famous dahi (curd).

A traditional Maharashtrian thali

The meal had bhakri, a type of flat bread intrinsic to Maharashtrian cuisine, along with an assortment of bhajis and sabjis – absolute scrumptiousness on that rainy Sunday afternoon!

Kulhad wali ‘Dahi’ or Curd

The curd, served in this earthen pot, or ‘kulhad’, was silky smooth and rich. It is set in these bhars itself, which lend to the taste and texture of the curd. We must have polished of more than 15 such kulhads amongst us 5 folks. The trek up the hillside was breezy, and everywhere we looked was green – so green. We reached a spot that we liked, settled down with a few hot cups of chai and just breathed in the nature around us. The Western ghats during monsoon is really a sight to behold – misty, green and peaceful.

Such a beautiful Sunday!

Chai Times at Sinhagad Fort!





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