Mcleodganj Food Diaries!

The rest of my travel companions had headed off to a trek to the Triund hill top but I had stayed behind as my asthmatic lungs were troubling me a bit too much that day. I decided to try out a few of the famous Mcleodganj cafes and explore the tiny hill station as far as my two feet would take me. Stepping out, I chanced upon the first cafe which was right next to my hotel, the Seed Cafe. Located in an otherwise shabby byline, a very pink roof embossed with the name of the cafe made sure that every passer by would look at least twice at this cafe. Finding my way to the cafe, I noticed a group of dogs guarding the entrance – seemed like the owners had some fast canine friends. Being a ‘dog lover from a distance’, I side stepped the lot and entered the cafe. My breath was all but taken away. Huge windows overlooking the vast range of mountains, the cafe was airy, breezy and a sight to behold. More so, it was empty, so I could pick out any table that I wanted. I immediately took a seat beside the biggest window, helped myself to a book from the tiny library that they had set up and ordered myself a chamomile tea.

Chamomile Tea in a pretty cup

Frankly, I don’t remember reading much of the book beside the back cover. How could I when the view from the window was such! Feeling nibblish, I ordered a Cheese Mushroom Omelette as well.

The Mushroom Omelette with Cheese

The waiter and cook seemed to be the same, and he took his time to get me my breakfast, but I had no complains. I was drinking my tea and filling myself up with the good mountain air. There was a fireplace in the middle of the cafe with a kettle perched on top of it.

The Fireplace and the Kettle

There was also a stage for live music which was illustrated with drawings of people demanding ‘Change!’.

Keep your coins, I want Change!

Finally my omelette arrived, along with a shy, furry companion. This doggy was a shy one – she curled up next to me and nibbled on the bits of toast that I passed on to her.

The Shy One!

The eggs were fantastic and I would have ordered another one if I didn’t have a whole list of things to do that day. I relished the amazing view a bit more, and then headed off to my next destination. I headed along to the market place and made my way to the Temple Road. I had read some good reviews of the Moonpeak Espresso Cafe. Now this single sojourn of mine was a first, I usually wasn’t in the habit of heading off to restaurants alone. Seed Cafe had been completely empty, so I had felt quite at home sitting alone at my table with my furry friend for company, however I wasn’t so sure about my next destination. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that this cafe was filled with solo travellers. Each table had a single soul, either sitting with a laptop or a magazine, the cafe stocked enough of those, or simply sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee. I happily took an empty table, ordered myself a cuppa and a slice of homemade plain cake and started reading the latest issue of the Lonely Planet which the coffee shop had on their magazine rack. The cafe also offered free Wifi – a double bonus. I have to say, life seemed pretty perfect at that moment!

Coffee and Cake




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  1. Roop says:

    Amazing. 🙂

    Keep travelling. Keep writing! And keep the photographs coming!

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